What is a patio heater?

Outdoor electric patio heaters are used to provide heat in an open space. Heaters of this nature are popular for heating a home patio as well as restaurant outdoor dining areas, outdoor smoking areas and any other outdoor environment where it is important to provide an element of comfort.

The area that can b heated is based on the wattage of the heating init as well as the weather conditions. Manufacturers of outdoor electric patio heaters produce their product in different wattages, anywhere between 2000W and 6000W. A typical 2000W electric patio heater can comfortable heat an area of approximately 65 square feet when it is mounted just under nine feet above the surface. A typical 6000W heater can maintain comfort in an area of 144 square feet when the heater is mounted 15 feet off the surface. Depending on the unit the typical electric patio heater will raise the temperature in its design area between 10 to 25 degrees F.

As the temperature rise is not dramatic a patio heater is an ideal solution when the objective is to spend longer hours outdoors or to increase the time by a few weeks that people can spend outdoors in late autumn as well as early spring. A patio heater is not designed for, nor is it intended to be used in the dead of winter when the temperatures dive well below zero but they most certainly are ideal for taking the nip out of the air later in the fall.

Outdoor electric patio heaters are permanently wired and installed either on the ceiling or wall. Although there are patio heaters that operate on alternative fuels such as propane, they are more often employed in situations where portability is needed.

Well designed and manufactured units have reflectors which direct the heat down toward the ground or out into the room if the unit is mounted on the wall. This design is superior to heaters which are completely open, because heat rises an open design is far less efficient and loses a great deal of heat into the air.

A patio heater can easily generate over 20,000 BTU/hour and as they are designed for outdoor installation the materials that are used are resistant to corrosion.

Outdoor electric patio heaters often surprise people as they are not as expensive as they might seem at first. Many stores that specialize in outdoor patio furniture and accessories and BBQs are often the local source and the knowledgeable reps can help you select the ideal unit for your particular situation.

Infrared tube outdoor electric patio heaters are ideal wherever it is necessary to provide heat for outdoor spaces. For complete information and a list of dealers you are invited to visit the web site of Rasmussen Gas Logs & Grills.