What If Your Application For Social Security Disability Benefits Is Denied?

by | Jul 13, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firms

While you are gainfully employed your wages are subject to tax, a portion of the tax you pay is dedicated to Social Security. Social Security benefits become due upon your retirement and benefits in the event you become disabled while still employed.

Millions of people apply for Social Security disability benefits every year, all assuming that their application will quickly be approved and benefits checks will soon start arriving. It is not without reason these people think this way, they have been paying into Social Security for years and there is no reason why benefits should not be available when needed. It is at this time that you should hire a Chicago Social Security disability attorney because the SSA often doesn’t work they you think it might.

Almost three quarters of all applications for disability benefits are denied, what happens then?

Appeal the denial:

When your application is denied, remember, you are not alone. Some people make a mistake of thinking this denial of benefits is the end of the line and they give up, others reapply. Neither of these choices are good ones.

Well over half of those that hire an attorney and appeal the initial decision to deny benefits are subsequently approved.

Reapplying is the wrong move, even though your application has been denied, the clock starts running from the date you originally applied. As the appeals process can take quite some time, if you reapply rather than appeal, all you are doing is stretching out the time to receive benefits.

Get legal assistance:

If you made the initial application unaided, once it has been denied, this is when you need a Chicago Social Security disability attorney in your corner. An experienced attorney can increase your chances of being approved during the hearing. As Social Security attorneys work on contingency and get their fee paid from the back pay that you awarded, it makes no sense at all not to have effective representation.

Chances are very good that your application for disability benefits will be denied. To greatly improve your chances of winning your appeal you need to hire a seasoned Chicago Social Security disability attorney. You are invited to get a free case evaluation when you contact The Law Offices of Rabin, Kodner & Brown, Ltd.

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