What Does SR-22 Cover?

by | Feb 16, 2018 | Insurance

SR-22 insurance, or a bond, depending on who you ask, is an auto insurance policy provided by an insurer who has also filed out the document on your behalf in the past. Filing this document proves to the DMV/court that requested the SR-22 that you have the required amount of liability insurance that the state has mandated. It proves that you are financially responsible enough to drive a vehicle, despite past mistakes earning you the stigma of being a risky driver. If you have received an SR-22 in Elgin, here is a short list of what you can expect it to cover.

It isn’t normal insurance

The important thing to get out of the way right now, is that an SR-22 is not insurance in the way most people think that insurance is. It does not provide any coverage for accidents in the future, nor does it provide any protections for you. That’s what your normal auto insurance is for. When you’re forced to obtain an SR-22, it means only one thing.

Financial responsibility

This is the main thing that it will cover. It proves to any law official that you have the financial responsibility to satisfy any liability claim that may be leveled at you in the future. If you need it, then your ability to pay for any damages you cause with your vehicle has most likely been called into question.

Other functions

Besides acting as third-party assurance that you are financially responsible it can do other things for you, depending on the situation. It also serves to help you get your driver’s license back, at least for a time. You will need to carry your SR-22 with you everywhere you go when you drive (best to keep it in the glove compartment) so that you have it on you in case you get pulled over. Visit us at https://www.accurateautoins.com for more details.

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