What Does it Take to Prepare for Eye Surgery in Jacksonville, FL?

While the Eye Surgery in Jacksonville, FL that must be done is considered a routine procedure, it’s anything but routine to the patient. People who have never had any type of surgery on their eyes are understandably apprehensive. One of the best ways to calm some of the anxiety is to focus on what needs to take place before the work is done. Here are some things to do in the week leading up to the eye surgery.

Ask Plenty of Questions

Some people hold back and don’t ask questions that they have about the Eye Surgery in Jacksonville, FL and the recovery period. Now is the time to ask anything that comes to mind. Rest assured that the surgeon understands that patients need to know all there is to know about the upcoming procedure. Never assume that a question will seem too simplistic or that the information is not all that important. Ask away and use the answers to be more informed. Knowledge has a way of calming the nerves and making something that seems scary a little easier to face.

Have a Long Talk About Medications

If the patient is currently taking any prescription medications or using herbal supplements regularly, it pays to go over them with the surgeon. In many cases, it will be necessary to reduce or even stop using certain medicines a few days before the procedure. Following the instructions given will minimize the potential for any kind of complications to arise.

Eating Prior to the Surgery

While the procedure is on the eyes, that doesn’t mean that the patient should eat as if nothing different is taking place. Talk with the surgeon about food and beverages to avoid in the days prior to the surgery. It also helps to find out if it would be fine to avoid solid food after a certain time of day and maybe even stopping the intake of fluids in the hours before the procedure.

Arrange to talk with an expert about what to expect afterward and how to ensure the recovery period goes forward without a hitch. With the right planning, the surgery has a much better chance of being a complete success.

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