What Can You Expect From a DWI Attorney in Timonium MD?

A DWI charge now carries more weight than ever before, with states cracking down on even first-time offenders in hopes of stopping the increasing rate of drunk driving related accidents. When one has made the mistake of driving while under the influence, they can feel overwhelmed at the process of their personal and professional life being ruined because of their actions. It is important for people to realize they still hold rights even though they may be guilty of the charges. It behooves a person to hire a DWI Attorney in Timonium MD.

If one is convicted of a DUI, it can stay on their driving record for many years. This can affect their ability to receive special licenses and can prevent them from being hired for employment positions. This is why it is important one does not put their future in the hands of chance by attempting to deal with their charges alone. Although an attorney cannot guarantee an outcome for any DUI case, they can certainly offer peace of mind and information that will allow a defendant to better understand the process.

The goal of a DWI Attorney in Timonium MD is trying to get the charges reduced or even dropped. This can sometimes be done early in the process, especially if an attorney gets involved right away before formal charges have even been brought against a person. If this is not possible, the attorney will work to plea bargain the case with the district attorney and may be successful, depending on the degree of charges and the defendant’s prior record.

Should a defendant be convicted of a DUI, an attorney can appeal the decision and can negotiate the penalty, helping a person to avoid large fees or jail time. The attorney will do all they can to help the defendant through each stage in the process.

If you are faced with DUI charges and would like legal help, contact the law office of Maria Caruso Bel Air MD. She and her staff will be happy to schedule you a consultation appointment so they can defend your charges and help you get the best outcome.