What Are the Four Top Types of Marine Flooring You Should Pick?

Choosing the right type of marine flooring can have a definite lasting effect on both the look and the durability of your boat. If you are uncertain which type of nautical flooring will work best for your boat, consider the major benefits of these top four types of flooring.

Non-Skid Foam Flooring

Choosing non-skid foam flooring for your boat is an ideal choice if you are primarily concerned about the safety of your deck. Non-skid foam floors prevent the deck’s flooring from becoming slippery, and are great for boats that will include children as guests.

Teak Flooring

Wood flooring has long been considered a desirable type of flooring for boats, and teak flooring in particular has gained favor among boat owners due to its longevity. Teak wood comes from hardwood trees in Asia, and it is extremely resistant to scratches. If your boat is going to see a lot of traffic, teak floors can help you maintain a pristine and like-new look.

Marine Carpet Flooring

Having a carpet floor gives your boat an overall relaxing look. Carpets can also make the boat appear to feel more like a home than other types of flooring. When you have parties on boats, a carpet floor can definitely add to the relaxing mood, which makes this flooring the perfect type for pontoon boats.

Aluminum Flooring

For boat lovers who plan to go fishing or enjoy the pontoon lifestyle, aluminum flooring can be the best type of floor. This flooring is both durable and light, which means you will also save money on fuel.

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