What Are the Different Types of Welding?

When most folks think of welding, they think of hot metal and showering sparks. But many do not know that there are actually many different types used for a variety of purposes. The following types are only a handful of common and well-known styles.


Stick, also known as shielded metal arc, uses an electrode and electric current to join the metals. One of the oldest and most versatile types available, it is most often used in the fabrication of industrial materials and in heavy steel structure construction.


Resistance spot uses an electric current to join to pieces of metal together. As the electric current passes through the metals, they melt and fuse together.


MIG, or metal inert gas, is, in fact, two types of welding. Bare wire MIG is used with thin pieces of wire, in order to join them together. Flux core MIG is generally used out of doors because it does not need a gas supply or flow meter.

MIG is one of the easier types to learn and is often used by hobbyists and DIY enthusiast welders who don’t have the funding for expensive equipment.


TIG, or tungsten inert gas, is one of the most versatile styles. TIG can be used to weld conventional metals such as copper alloys, nickel alloys, titanium, cobalt, aluminum, and steel.

TIG is one of the more difficult types. An accomplished TIG welder must work hard to acquire the skilled techniques required for this style.

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