What are the Benefits of Wire EDM Services?

When you think of intricate shapes and designs in the machining world, you may think about some of the best multiple axis machines and some of the amazing things they can do. However, this kind of work pales to the things that wire EDM services can do for you. Let’s check out some of the benefits it has to offer.

Wires as Cutting Tools

EDM stands for electrical discharge machining, and it doesn’t use sharp tungsten or diamond tipped cutting tools for the job. Instead, thin wires create very hot sparks that literally burn and cut through the materials. This is done with great precision.


Wire EDM services are not only precise; they are very fast. In fact, it’s possible to produce a large number of parts per hour with this method. Your machine shop offering EDM can give you affordable prices. However, this is only one of many advantages you can enjoy.

Impossible to Make Parts

Wire EDM services can produce parts that simply cannot be produced any other way. Because the wires are very small in diameter, the machines can literally cut intricate shapes inside of materials. This is not possible when you use standard cutting, milling, or boring tools. For example, one of these machines can cut out a logo of just about any shape and size from metal. This work can be created with other methods but it would take hours, and the EDM can do it in minutes.

Offering Wire EDM to Your Customers

Thanks to modern machine shops providing EDM service, you can offer these same services to your customers. However, you won’t have to invest in the expensive equipment or worry about all the expenses and headaches associated with expanding your operations. This is a win-win-win scenario for you, your machine shop, and all the customers you serve.