What a Professional Will Tell You about Shower Head Installation in Fort Wayne, IN

There are a surprisingly large number of shower heads on the market. The shower head is the part of the shower that actually dispenses the water that flows through the pipes. They can be categorized based on their functionality or their capacity. For example, a low-flow shower head is one that restricts the flow of water somewhat but which is optimized to do so. Ideally, you won’t notice the reduced water flow. A rainfall shower head is one that involves a large head that attempts to simulate water falling from directly above. A detachable shower head can be removed from its stand and used by hand. Some of these shower heads might require professional shower head installation.

Rainfall Showers

Rainfall showers have become more common recently; they are typically made from large rectangular or circular shower heads. The shower head is designed to be largely overhead and to spray downward. This ideally simulates rainfall. They’re great for people who are tall and for whom normal shower heads don’t reach high enough. However, they might require a professional shower head installation in Fort Wayne, IN. Because of their unique design and positioning, they might require an extension of the pipes or an adjustment of their placement.

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Low-Flow Heads

When you ask about a shower head installation, you should ask about low-flow shower heads. A typical shower head allows about 2.5 gallons of water to flow per minute. A low-flow head is optimized according to EPA regulations to allow no more than two gallons per minute. They’re often designed to spread the water evenly, and it’s not even noticeable that they are producing less water.