What 3 Things to Look For When Choosing a New Children’s Dentist

When children have negative experiences with dentists at a young age, they develop a fear of dentists that can last them well into adulthood. You can avoid this situation with your own kids by looking for an experienced children’s dentist near Yorba Linda. Your goal is to find an oral health professional who will help your kids have positive experiences while providing excellent oral health care.

Look For a Welcoming Environment
When looking for a new dentist for your children, take the time to visit each dentist’s office. As you tour the facility, pay attention to the decor and general atmosphere. Does it look like it would be welcoming to a young child? Look for wall posters that feature cartoon characters promoting good oral health practices. There should also be toys and games in the waiting area that demonstrate the office’s interest in creating a fun atmosphere for younger patients.

Ask About Their Preventative Approach
You should ask each dentist about their approach to preventative care. This is especially important in treating children because early education will help them develop healthier oral care habits that will last throughout their lives. In addition to teaching proper brushing and flossing practices, the dentist you choose should help by teaching your kids about the dangers of sugar and other unhealthy habits.

Trust Your Feelings
You should also trust your intuition in choosing a children’s dentist near Yorba Linda. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to a particular dentist, your kids probably won’t like that dentist either. Try to choose someone who seems comfortable around children and fills you with confidence. This will make it easier for trust to be built between the dentist and your children.

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