West Coast Swing Dance Lessons in Kingwood, TX and Its Many Benefits

Many people hate the thought of exercising yet love to dance-;even those with two left feet! What better way to exercise and burn calories than to dance and have fun doing it. Studies have shown that participating in West Coast Swing Dance Lessons Kingwood TX, has benefits that reach beyond those of a simple exercise. Some of those benefits include:

* Socialization -; The number of registrants signing up for dance lessons at facilities like Fred Astaire Dance Studios continues to grow annually. Enrolling in dance classes is an excellent way to make new friends or even find a romantic partner.

* Confidence Building -; As one continues to improve their dancing skills through dance lessons the confidence spills over into other areas. These include increased comfort at social gatherings (especially for those that are shy), increased self-esteem, and being comfortable in front of groups of people.

* Improved Equilibrium -; Studies have found elderly individuals that routinely participate in dance lessons demonstrate measured improvement in coordination, gait, walking rate, and improved reaction time. More over, improvements in fine motor skills and cognitive abilities were also observed. Individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease were determined to have been helped by dance lessons according to a review in a European Journal focusing on physical rehabilitation.

* Mood Enhancing -; Enrolling in dance lessons, such as those offered through West Coast Swing Dance Lessons Kingwood TX, may also enhance one’s mood. Dancing, as a form of exercise, releases the body’s “feel good” hormones, or endorphin’s, flooding the body with a sense of well-being. Like other forms of exercise, dance reduces depression, stress, and anxiety.

* Exercise -; Dancing is good for your heart and helps with weight loss or control. Dancing that increases the heart rate, like hip hop, swing, salsa, or tango, is an excellent type of aerobic exercise. The average person burns about 240 calories per hour of dancing, and the faster the dance style the more calories are burned.

There are really no cons to dancing. It benefits people with Parkinson’s, arthritis, coordination problems, and those trying to lose or maintain a healthy weight. Group lessons provide social interaction, build confidence, and allow you to surprise everyone at your Daughter’s wedding with your rug-cutting skills. So whatever your preference, Swing, Fox Trot, or the Texas Two Step, get out there and move.

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