Ways You Can Use Our Portable Stage Rental Setups

Portable stages are a popular choice for a wide range of events, groups, and occasions. Most of the time when you need a stage there is not one easily accessible and there is no need for the stage after the event. This is where portable stage rental services, like those we offer here at Gallagher Staging, come into play and can meet your event staging needs. There are many ways you can take advantage of our portable staging:

Community Events- whether it is a block party, arts n crafts fair, special concert, or other community events, portable stage rentals can be exactly what you need.

Fund Raisers- charities and non-profits can use stages for guest speakers, entertainment, and other activities that go on during their fund raiser event.

Education Events- schools, colleges, and other education venues can make use of portable stages to host speakers, displays, and other educational talks and special demonstrations.

Religious Meetings- schools, synagogues, and other places of worship often use staging for their worship centers and congregational events and our rental services can meet all your needs.

Concerts and Performances- no concert is complete without a good way to host the event so everyone can see and calling in portable stage rental is how most places get it done.

Parties and Celebrations- whether it is a birthday party, retirement celebration, promotion party or a family reunion, if you need staging you can call Gallagher Staging.

Business Meetings- if you are hosting a business event or conference you can find stages of all sizes right here and can take advantage of the rental options we have available.

No matter what special event you have planned, if you need staging we invite you to come see our portable stage rental options!