Want to Buy a Volvo S60, Visit a Dealer Near Rockford

by | Apr 1, 2019 | Automotive

By paying attention to the small things, Volvo engineers have done it again. They have managed to integrate all the niceties and amenities of the larger S90 into the slightly smaller S60. The vehicle even shares the same powertrains. The Volvo S60 may be marginally smaller, but the models available in Rockford are certainly not lacking in power, style, or utility.

Feature Rich

Although the S60 is smaller than the S90, it shares similar luxury attributes. Being marginally smaller brings the driver and passengers closer to the well-finished interior and luxurious materials used throughout the cabin. There are two seat options, standard or contoured. All models have a three-spoke steering wheel, a digital gauge cluster, and a tablet-design infotainment system.

Beautiful Styling

From the exterior, the family resemblance to the larger Volvo is evident. When placed side by side with the S90, the S60 conveys its sporty styling. The front appears considerably longer. The roofline is lower. The S60 offers buyers multiple looks. The Momentum and Inscription models are more conventional in their design and quite elegant. The R-Design and Polestar are sporty. The Polestar, in particular is a remarkable sight. It is available in three different color choices, Black, Gray, and White, all of which are fitted with black trim from front to back.

Behind the Wheel

The Volvo S60 can hold its own against high-end compact luxury sedans from other automakers. When it comes to luxury, handling, and speed, Volvo surpasses the competition. The steering is tight. The car is equally at home in the city, on the interstate or meandering through country roads.

In addition to the sedan, the 60 series vehicle is available as a wagon. The performance and handling are almost identical. The 60 series wagon handles no different from the sedan, but it has all the room expected in a wagon.

If you desire a luxury car that is safe and sporty, consider the Volvo S60, available from McGrath Volvo Cars Barrington near Rockford. For details, visit https://www.mcgrathvolvocars.com.

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