Visiting A Medical Marijuana Doctor In North Palm Beach, FL

A common misconception for many patients in North Palm Beach, FL, is about the qualifying conditions to obtain their MMJ card. For example, many patients assume that if they do not have a listed condition or disease identified explicitly by the state, they are ineligible for a medical marijuana card.

In fact, this is not the case. Seeing a medical marijuana doctor is the only way to determine if a medical or psychological condition will qualify the individual for a recommendation for an MMJ card and the use of medical marijuana.

The Similar Condition Classification

Under the law, a patient in North Palm Beach, FL, with a similar kind or class of condition can qualify for a recommendation. These types of conditions have the same type of pathology and symptoms as the listed conditions. Through specific training and completion of the state-required exam, a medical marijuana doctor is allowed to make this determination and recommend a patient for the state registry.

At the visit, the doctor reviews the patient documentation, adding the patient information into the registry. The patient receives an email from the state that provides the link to apply for the MMJ card and pay the required fee. Once this is completed, the patient receives a confirmation email that serves as a temporary MMJ card. In 7-10 business days, the annual MMJ card arrives in the mail.

What About My PCP?

Many doctors throughout the state are increasingly comfortable with the idea of patients using medical cannabis as a treatment option. However, most PCP and specialist doctors across the state are not approved to make recommendations to the registry, which means the patient must visit an approved medical marijuana doctor to complete the necessary process.