Viewing the City of Chicago in a Unique Way on an Observation Platform

While you’re in the Chicago area, consider visiting an observation platform, to enjoy beautiful views while also learning a bit of history about the city. The following are just a few tips so that your trip can be as memorable as possible.


While you aren’t required to purchase tickets ahead of time to go to an observation platform in Chicago, it’s recommended if you plan to visit during busier times of the year. You can purchase tickets online, and there are a few different companies in the city that allow you to purchase tickets through them.

The Experience

You’ll take an elevator up to the observation platform in Chicago. There is a video that details the construction of the tower as well as a few interactive exhibits to keep you occupied while waiting on the elevator. While on the platform, you can sometimes see four different states if it’s clear. Telescopes are available so that you can see some of the details of the city and the street down below.

The Ledge

There is a ledge on the platform that you can step on to get a unique view of the city. This ledge features a glass box that allows you to feel as though you’re hanging in the air. Keep in mind that this is a timed feature, and you only have about 60 seconds to stand on the ledge at one time. You’re welcome to take pictures in all areas while on the platform.