Veterinarians in Oregon Are More Advanced Than Ever Before

Anyone who has ever owned a pet will tell you that they are as much a family member as anybody in their household. That’s why it comes as no surprise that, when pets need medical attention, their owners will strive to get them the best care possible. Veterinarians in Oregon today are actually veterinary specialists who can provide services ranging from surgery to dentistry to cardiology to oncology to ophthalmology and beyond. Much like adults and children can go to emergency rooms at any time of the day; pets now have that option in the Oregon area with twenty-four-hour care available as needed.

More examples of the care options available are evident at where you can get a concise idea of services offered by WestVet Oregon. Cardiology care, as well as respiratory care, are becoming more prominent with dogs and cats, as these animals can suffer from heart and lung ailments as they begin to age. Some of the advanced cardiac care options include electrocardiographs, catheterization, heartworm removal, stents, and angiographs. Pets treated for cardiac issues may either be handled on an outpatient basis or require a stay in the hospital.

Veterinarians in Oregon today now even offer animal ambulance transportation that can get your pet in front of an exceptionally trained critical care staff member quickly. When a pet is transported, it receives continuous attention from a certified technician. These customized ambulances allow pet carriers to be secured and have stretchers and gurneys as well. If a pet needs oxygen, it can be administered via mask, chamber, or nasal methods. Intravenous care is available and, if a pet has suffered hypothermia, there are warm air blankets to be used.

Some of the additional specialized care can range from post-operative rehabilitation, acupuncture, massage therapy, and hydrotherapy. There are even underwater treadmills available now for cats and dogs that may need that type of support. If you’re a hunter and want your dog in peak condition for the season, you can sign up your pet for pre-season conditioning. If that does not suit you, perhaps getting your dog or cat involved with aerobics may be a better option. Visit the website Website Url for more information.