Using A Plumbing Service in Bellingham, WA To Unclog A Sink

When a homeowner finds they have a sink that has become clogged, it will be necessary to take the steps in draining the water effectively. There are a few tasks one can try before enlisting help from a Plumbing Service in Bellingham WA. Here are some tips one can try in getting their sink to work effectively once again.

Use A Plunger To Dislodge Material

First, the homeowner can attempt to plunge the sink in an attempt to move an obstruction through the pipes so water can get down. This is done with a standard toilet plunger. The person can simply push the rubber flange portion over the drain hole and use a pumping motion to lift an obstruction from its location within the piping system. This may need to be done several times before progress is made.

Try A Plumber’s Snake To Push Through An Obstruction

If plunging a sink does not work in moving matter out of the piping, it may be beneficial to try pushing the lodged material with a plumber’s snake. The tip of this tool is inserted into the drain hole and the remainder of the metal snake is unwound from the main portion of the tool. The wire will snake its way through the piping system, pushing any matter out of the way. This is an effective way to move a blockage if the snake is strong enough and long enough.

Take Apart The Piping System To Look For Blockages

If the blockage is still present, taking the P-trap apart may be beneficial in removing it. The curved portion of the piping system under the sink can be removed with a wrench. The pipe can then be cleaned out in its entirety before placing it back in place.

If someone needs help from a Plumbing Service in Bellingham WA to drain a sink, calling the right company to do the job is necessary. Take a look at website to find out more about the services offered and to make an appointment for an evaluation of the plumbing system if necessary. Pricing can be discussed at the time of the evaluation.

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