Using a Boating Tube

by | Aug 11, 2017 | Sports

Today’s boating tube is much more sophisticated then in the past however, not all are the same quality. How you maintain your tube will make a big difference in the tube’s life expectancy. You should know how to properly take care of it. Below is a list of things to remember:

Buy the best tow ropes

Do not buy a tow rope because it is cheap and do not use old worn or frayed ones. It takes a large amount of force to tow a tube on the water. You do not want the rope to break! If it does snap, it will in both directions. This can cause serious injury. Purchase one designed specifically for a boating tube. Make sure you buy one rated correctly for the amount of passengers the tube can handle. It should be free of frays and knots and made of braided polypropylene.

Properly inflate the tube

When a tube is not inflated correctly it will sit low and cause damage. It will also cause stress to the boat, rope, tube and the cover. It creates stretching of the rope and can cause it to snap. A good rule to remember is that a tube is properly inflated when it becomes very firm. If the tube has a cover, there should be no wrinkles in it. An average size adult should only be able to sink an inch or two when standing on it. Use a good pump to inflate any boating tube.

Always properly maintain your tube

You will spend a good amount of money on a towing tube, so you want to take care of it. Don’t leave an inflated tube in the sun for long amounts of time; this will cause it to expand. Let some air out. Always remember to check and see if it is properly inflated before using it again should you choose to store it in a cool place and not deflate it at all.

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