Uses for Bush Hammered Granite Tile in Sacramento, CA

Granite is still the most popular material for many household projects. This versatile stone is perfect for use both inside and outside the home. Polished granite has its purposes, but when used in areas like bathrooms and around swimming pools it is not the safest choice. This material is too slick for use in wet areas and can be difficult to walk on. Instead, bush hammered tiles are a more useful option.

Bush hammered granite tile in Sacramento CA is made from genuine granite slabs, but comes with a textured finish. The material is beautiful, and available in the same range of shades and patterns as traditional granite. The colors in the stone are often more subdued when the tile has been processed. The texture makes the tile easier to walk on, even when wet.

To make the tile, manufacturers can perform the hammering by hand with a hammer similar to a meat mallet, or with the use of specialized equipment. The process does not reduce the strength or quality of the granite. While it may not have the shiny appearance many people expect, it will make the area where it is installed safer. Bush Hammered Granite Tile in Sacramento CA has been proven to reduce slips and falls when compared to other types of polished stones.

Textured granite does not have limitations on where it can be used. Many homeowners are also using this material for their counter tops, on table tops and as accent tiles around fireplaces. The muted tones and rough texture give the stone a rustic look that appeals to many people. The tile are easy to keep clean with a natural stone cleaner and will retain their beauty for many years.

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