Use a Recycling Center Hartford, CT for Disposing of Salvageable Scrap Metals

Recycling scrap metal can be a good way to make extra money. Scrap metal recycling facilities are willing to pay a competitive price for pieces of recyclable metal, especially aluminum and copper. To start recycling scrap metals for profit at a Recycling Center Hartford CT, these scrap metals must be acquired. There are several sources of scrap metal, including car repair garages and auto body shops, local classified ads, and charities.

Garages and Body Shops

Car repair garages and auto body shops can be great sources of scrap metal. Due to the nature of their work, large amounts of scrap metal are produced by these businesses. Often, the businesses are booming, and the employees are constantly busy. They do not want the hassle of disposing of the materials themselves. In many cases, there are happy to have it removed for them.

Local Classified Ads

Another great idea for acquiring scrap metal is scouring the local classified ads. Many people have old pieces of metal junk lying around the house. They may list these items for sale in the classified ads but often would be happy to have someone haul it away for free. In addition to the classified ads, it can be beneficial to check with family, friends, and neighbors for items they may not have advertised. A quick phone call or drive around town can go a long way toward finding scrap metal.

Local Charities Overflow

Local charities can also be a good contact for obtaining scrap metal. Many charities have a policy to not accept large appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers because these items are cumbersome to transport and store. Making contact and building a relationship with a few local charities can allow receiving a heads-up when a person is looking to donate any of these items. Since the charity won’t accept them, the person would likely be grateful to have someone else take these items off their hands.

Once the scrap metal is procured, it is necessary to choose a recycling facility to take it to. One option for a Recycling Center Hartford CT is Calamari Recycling Co Inc, a scrap metal recycling facility within the salvageable metals industry. This family-owned and operated business have been offering services for 82 years. Competitive pricing is offered on a variety of scrap metals. Browse website for more information.