Upholstery Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning Require a Different Approach – Upholstery Cleaning in Virginia Beach, VA

The majority of homeowners are not aware of the differences in approach when cleaning carpet and upholstery. Approaching upholstery cleaning is a lot different than approaching carpet cleaning. Many residential cleaning machines are not equipped for cleaning upholstery, even though they come with a hand wand.

When cleaning upholstery, it is important to monitor the amount of water that goes into the fabric. Allowing the fabric, and the cushion material, to become saturated causes many problems. The first problem faced is that the material will become dirty a lot easier. More disgusting problems if revolve around the development of mold and bacteria growth. It can also allow odors to develop. The combination of these problems can make your upholstered furniture unusable.

While many homeowners feel they can handle maintaining their own upholstery cleaning needs, a great majority of them regret the decision soon after. If your upholstery needs to be cleaned, it is probably best to hire a trained professional from the start.

When it comes to residential machines, carpet is more forgiving. Fabric on the other hand, is less tolerant if you make a mistake in choosing a cleaning solution, or machine. By having a professional clean your upholstery on a regular basis, you will notice that it looks cleaner, feels cleaner, and smells a lot fresher.

Furniture fabric is a very curious material. Because of the way it is woven, it easily picks up hair and dinner from your parents, any dirt or oil that is on skin and clothing, and average germ and bacteria that goes by. Having it cleaned on a regular basis will ensure that it does not trigger your family’s allergies, and that it does not grow dangerous molds, mill DOS, or other microbes that could harm your family.

The type of cleaning solution used on upholstery will differ from item to item. This is because many surfaces are upholstered using different materials. Choosing the wrong solution could damage or destroy the fabric. By allowing a trained professional to clean your upholstered furniture, you greatly reduce the risk of causing damage, or premature breakdown of the fabric.

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