University Students Enjoying the Best of Madison, Wisconsin

by | Dec 20, 2022 | Student Housing Center

University Students Renting Apartments in Madison, WI

Having an urban campus, the University of Wisconsin–Madison is renowned for academics in multiple disciplines. When you study at this acclaimed university, you can live in the heart of the Wisconsin capital. Centrally located in the historic downtown district, the main campus is connected to some of the city’s most important amenities and services. Some student apartments in Madison, WI offer great views of the urban skyline and waterfront areas. For example, your balcony might overlook the shores of Lake Mendota. Likewise, some student apartments in Madison, WI are surrounded by high-rise buildings that form the urban core of the city. Additionally, you’ll find plenty of waterfront promenades and greenways throughout this bustling capital.

Urban Excitement and Safety for University Students

When you rent student apartments in Madison, WI, you will have lots of urban amenities at your doorstep. Off-campus housing units are within walking distance of cultural attractions and nightlife in the lakefront districts of the city. For example, the popular Chazen Museum of Art is situated at the border of the university campus and the downtown neighborhood. Your apartment complex will probably have an indoor parking garage with plenty of spots for registered vehicles. You might need to swipe a keycard in order to access the private garage at your off-campus community. You can also ride a bicycle between your urban apartment to lots of neighboring businesses on and around the campus.

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