Understanding the Risks of Roof damage for Joplin Homeowners

For people who own a home in Joplin, one of the most significant concerns can be storm damage to a home roof system. Since the weather in the region is notorious for extremes with the wind, rain, or hail, roofing systems can take quite a beating. This is one of the main reasons homeowners look for roofing business Joplin MO services.

Extreme Weather and Roof Damage

In the majority of cases, a standard roof can last for up to 25 years. However, because the weather in the region is known for being more than a bit dicey, many homeowners can suffer from home roof damage.

The Main Causes of Roof Tile Damage

Wind can damage roof tiles in two ways. First, excessive wind can cause roof tiles to loosen and peel off a roof. Wind can also cause downed trees on top of roofs, which can cause damage or destruction of the top roof layer.

When it comes to rain, in most cases, rain by itself does not cause significant damage to roof tiles. However, driving pounding rain can cause loosening of tiles, which can later cause roof tile loss.

Hail is widely known to cause pocket holes or punch holes in roof tiles. This will cause the disintegration of the tiles and damage to the sub roofing.

In all these cases, the sub roofing can become exposed to the elements which can lead to water damage and mold inside the home. That is why repairing roof damage in a timely way is essential to protecting the roof system and the entire interior of the house. If you are looking for roofing business Joplin MO services, you can contact us at Falcon Roofing where we have been helping Joplin area homeowners with their roofing repair needs for years, and you can learn more about us and contact us.