Understanding the Importance of Cabinet Glass in Fayetteville

by | Jan 10, 2018 | Home Improvement

Many homes today have pieces of furniture that feature glass, and cabinets are one of the most common types. While all glass may look the same on the surface there are actually many factors that affect glass and whether or not it is a good choice for use in furniture and cabinet applications. Here are four of the key points to consider when it comes to inspecting cabinet glass in Fayetteville:

Color- all glass is not clear. Some glass can be colored and this is actually a factor that helps determine the age and originality of antique cabinets. Older glass was often colored yellow or tan and was not as crystal clear as the glass used today.

Thickness- glass that is used in cabinets and other pieces of furniture has to be thicker than most glass because it has to be able to handle more impacts and a higher level of wear and tear. Cabinet glass is often fired and treated to make it strong and durable.

Coating- some glass is made with a special coating on the surface or a special clear sheet that is laid between the glass layers as it is formed. This helps keep it stronger and also reduces the chance or dangerous shards from forming if the glass is broken.

Size- the size of a piece of glass will impact how strong it is and what it is best used for. Large pieces of glass have to be reinforced because they are more prone to cracks and breaking than smaller pieces. This can play a big role in the design of your glass cabinets.

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