Understanding Mississippi Lemon Laws

A lot of people mistakenly think that Mississippi Lemon Laws do not cover used car purchases, they are wrong! You may have more recourse than you think if you live in Mississippi and have bought a used car that is not up to par! The best way to determine your rights is to contact a law firm that specializes in the Mississippi Lemon Laws.

A Brief Overview

Every lemon law in every state has similar protections but some states offer longer, more comprehensive protection, Mississippi falls somewhere within the median when it comes to the protections that are offered like:

   * You have protection from one year of the date of purchase
   * A “reasonable” number of attempts must be made by the dealer to repair the problem, reasonable number is not clearly defined
   * You may have some protections for a used car purchase but it largely depends on the warranty period

While the law is generous in some ways it is also critical that time lines are met. Imagine if you only found out about the lemon law 366 days after you purchased the vehicle you would lose protection. A good law firm can help to ensure that all your rights are protected under the law.

Going It Alone

When you are dealing with a car dealership you should know that you are also dealing with the corporate entity behind the dealership, for example if you buy a Ford from a Ford dealer, you are not only dealing with Steve that sold you the car you are dealing with the entire car manufacturer as well.  Corporate entities are rich with lawyers that are ready to fight back against your claims. You need to even the playing field a bit by contacting Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center®.