Understanding Home Companion Care Service

Home Companion Care Service is mainly emotional support and some companionship for the elderly who are mostly healthy and wish to maintain their independence in their own home. However, the services also provide a range of non-medical related services, which are designed to help and make an elderly person’s life easier and more manageable. Some of the services offered include reminders for medication, help with certain activities and light housekeeping.

While most Home Companion Care Service options will focus on providing care for seniors in their own home, these services can also be provided for those in a nursing home or assisted living facility. This type of care also falls under the titles of homemaker services and care assistants.

At the foundation, the companion care services providers are there to offer a companion to seniors. This means they have someone to share personal stories and experiences with. This can be invaluable for seniors who may live alone or feel otherwise isolated from other people.

When a senior is able to engage in conversation on a daily basis and have someone to play games with, it helps to maintain their mental acuity. In fact, studies have proven that this type of stimulation will help to minimize the effects of dementia.

Some of the other services offered by companion care services include:

     *     Reminders to take medication.

     *     Help with daily routines such as getting out of bed and into and out of a vehicle.

     *     Offering light housekeeping services.

     *     Cooking meals.

     *     Provisions for transportation to doctor’s appointments, grocery stores and other types of errands.

     *     Assistance with keeping appointments and planning what needs to be done.

     *     A partner for age-appropriate exercises and activities.

     *     Entertainment and someone to talk to.

For more information about in-home companion care services and what they have to offer, take some time to contact the professionals from Careminders Home Care. Doing this will help a senior, and family members, determine if this type of care is what they need. This can be quite beneficial and help ensure that the senior receives the care and companionship they need at this crucial point in their life.