Understanding Heel Pains Treatment in Joliet, IL

by | May 10, 2018 | Health

Most people don’t realize it, but their heels are actually the largest bones in their feet. When the heels become injured it can, as a result, cause significant pain. One of the most common causes of heel pain is known as heel spurs or plantar fasciitis, which can be treated using several medical and surgical forms of Heel Pains Treatment in Joliet IL.

Symptoms of Heel Spurs

Most patients who suffer from heel spurs experience sharp, searing pain both first thing in the morning and immediately after standing up from a sitting position. This progressive condition eventually results in soreness that radiates into the patient’s arch or up into the back of his or her leg. There are many factors that can leave patients predisposed to developing heel spurs, including excessive stretching of the plantar fascia and tightness of the patient’s calf muscles, but the condition can only be diagnosed via a thorough physical exam and the use of weight-bearing x-rays.

Treatment of Heel Spurs

There are several stages of Heel Pains Treatment in Joliet IL targeted toward those suffering from heel spurs. If the condition is caught early, aggressive calf muscle stretching can be beneficial, as can oral anti-inflammatory medications. If it is in a later phase, cortisone injections, a night splint, orthopedic taping of the foot, and the prescription of functional orthotics may still help to alleviate the patient’s pain. Surgery to correct heel spurs is only used if all of these medical treatments have failed.

Surgical Treatment

Heel spur surgery may be recommended if all medical treatments have failed. Traditional heel surgery involves making a small incision on either the bottom of a patient’s heel or its side and the detachment of the plantar fascial ligament from this bone using a surgical scalpel. A newer form of surgery, known as endoscopic surgery, utilizes an arthroscopic camera to guide the surgical blade, allowing greater control.

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