Understanding Dental Crowns in Bakersfield CA

If you have damaged or stained teeth, you may have difficulty protecting your teeth from loss. This can also cause embarrassment in your smile and make you feel self-conscious. In times past, you would have to have the tooth pulled, creating even more problems. With the latest advancements in dental care, you can now have Dental Crowns Bakersfield CA services and have your tooth covered and protected.

When you first come in to the dentist to see about a dental crown, you will be examined and will have X-rays done. This will show the dentist what type of issue the tooth has and if it can be saved with the placement of a crown. Once it has been decided that you are a good candidate for getting a crown, the dentist will begin the procedure.

First, the dentist will shape the corners of the tooth that will receive the crown. This helps to make the natural tooth smaller so that it can tightly hold the crown. The crown needs to fit snugly so that there are no gaps. Once your tooth has been shaped, the dentist will check to see that the crown provides a good fit.

There are several different types of crown materials. The most common one is made of enamel. Enamel looks the most like a natural tooth, so it is often the first choice. Dental crowns can also be made of metal alloys like gold, silver and platinum. You will be able to decide what type of crown you would like.

Once the dentist is sure that the crown fits correctly, a special adhesive compound will be used to ensure that the crown stays in place. Once this compound completely hardens, the dentist will remove any excess and will then check to make sure that your bite is not compromised.

If you are having issues with one of your teeth and fearing that you may lose it, contact your dentist and learn about dental crowns in Bakersfield CA. These crowns can help to save your tooth and prevent loss. This will make your smile look better and will give you a better ability to chew your food.