Understanding Basic Digital Marketing Strategies in Chicago, Illinois

by | Dec 28, 2023 | Marketing and Advertisings

A marketing strategy is a plan for how a business is going to accomplish a specific marketing goal. It could be to increase online visibility, increase website traffic, or any other marketing goal. A digital marketing strategist in Chicago, IL helps businesses identify and reach their marketing goals.

A digital marketing strategy outlines how a company will build its internet presence and take advantage of various online channels. A digital marketing strategist in Chicago, IL works with their customers to take advantage of unique digital channels to target an audience that might be interested in the product or service their customer offers.

It is good to distinguish a marketing strategy from a marketing tactic. A marketing strategy is organized and detailed and outlines how a business will reach its goals through Internet marketing. Tactics are the individual actions that are taken in the process of implementing the strategy. For example, a tactic could be sending emails to customers to generate leads, creating interesting blog articles, or launching advertisements.

There is also a difference between a marketing strategy and a campaign. The strategy is the game plan that outlines how the target will be reached or how viewers will be converted into customers. The campaign is a promotion that is designed to achieve one objective within the overall strategy. Campaigns have start and end dates, whereas a strategy is a long-term thing that has no set end date.

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