Unconventional Areas a Mold Inspection in Monterey, CA May Examine

Mold is a persistent and potentially deadly invader. Wherever water and moisture combine, mold is ready to grow. It doesn’t matter where this occurs. A mold inspection is needed under these different conditions. Once the extent of the invasion is uncovered, the removal process can be begin. These are a few unconventional areas where mold can find a home.

The crawl space under the house is one of those areas where mold can grow unchecked. Since it is not a place anyone likes to go, it is still a place where a mold inspection in Monterey CA, should be conducted. Piping leakages, ground moisture, and the heat of the soil create the ideal conditions for the mold. Once it gets set into this place, it can be extremely difficult to remove.

The attic space is another place where mold growth can occur. This occurs when the vents are directed into the attic rather than through the roof line. This problem is not visible if the attic space doesn’t get regularly inspected. Vent lines should be checked before the house is bought to ensure that venting is occurring to the outside rather than into the attic space. Roof leaks can also be a cause of mold growth in this particular area.

Behind bathroom and kitchen cabinets, mold can lurk unseen. While it is not always possible to visually see the mold, a Mold Inspection in Monterey CA, may do additional tests. Tests that monitor the level of mold spores in the home will identify the presence of it. These tests are usually done if there are indications that mold might be an issue. Water damage on the back of cabinets and the smell of a musty odor are indications that the potential is there. Tests are also performed after cleanup efforts to ensure that all of the mold has been removed.

An inspection is key to identifying if mold is an issue in a home. Because mold can contribute to a lot of different health problems, it needs to be cleaned out as quickly as possible. A large-scale invasion of the mold will require more extensive clean-up measures.