Types of Power for Your Outdoor Post Top Light

An outdoor post top light is the type of feature that can bring both beauty and function to an outdoor space, flooding the space with gorgeous light while providing a safe place to walk. Whether you’re looking for lighting for a commercial space or looking to create an illuminated walkway at your residence, outdoor lamp posts can make the ordinary look extraordinary. One thing that you need to think about is how you’re going to be powering your outdoor lamp post. Following are some different ways that outdoor lamp posts can be powered.


One common way that people provide power to lamp posts is to wire them to an electrical power grid with AC or low voltage DC power. The good thing about a low-voltage DC system is that it operates on a separate step-down transformer and it’s really easy to install.


One of the main reasons that people love solar lighting is that its doesn’t have to be connected to the electrical grid. Once you purchase your post top light, there will be no additional setup required. You’ll simply need to change out the batteries every few years.


If you get a gas lamp post, you’re going to need specially timed controls installed. Another option would be to do manual lighting or set up some type of constant operation. You’re going to need a mantle in order to convert natural gas to warm light. You’re also going to need to deal with your gas utility company in order to get the gas set up. Having said that, once it’s all set up, gaslighting is absolutely stunning.

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