Types Of Long Hair Color Round Rock, TX

In Texas, clients with long hair have access to a variety of hair coloring techniques. The services provide more than one hair color to create a completely unique look. A local stylist explains the different types of Long Hair Color Round Rock TX that achieve the beautiful styles.

Balayage Hair Color

Essentially, the process consists of applying hair color to the top layer of the hair. The highlighting technique provides more natural-looking highlights that will blend evenly with the hair as it grows. The colorist covers the roots before they start the highlighting process. The process is used to lighten the hair as much as possible and achieve the most natural look.

Ombre Hair Color

Ombre is a versatile hair coloring technique where the colorist helps the client choose a darker color first. The top of the hair is dyed the darker color. Next, the ends of the hair are highlighted in a much lighter color. The technique is used with rich browns and highlighted with blond highlights. However, the technique is also used to create brilliant options with unnatural hair colors as well.

Sombre Hair Color

Sombre is a style of Long Hair Color in Round Rock TX that offers the benefits of ombre, but it is more subtle. The highlighting process is closer to the roots, and the color gradually transforms from dark to light. The blend is more seamless and less abrupt as a traditional ombre hair coloring style. It is a combination of lighter browns and blond. Click here for more details.

Liquid Hair Painting Styles

The process follows techniques used in Balayage. However, the hair is fanned across a table. The colorist liquefies the color and paints the highlights onto the hair. The technique allows impressive styles that include the ever-popular mermaid hair approach.

In Texas, clients who want to try something different could choose from these amazing techniques now. Professional colorists provide breathtaking color and styles for women and men with longer locks. Clients who want to learn more about Long Hair Color Round Rock TX can visit Haute House Lash and Beauty Bar and schedule an appointment right now.