Two Tips for Consistently Exercising at Fitness Clubs near Parsippany NJ

Many people vow to get in shape, but only a small percentage actually stick with their exercise routines and see their goals to the end. While willpower certainly plays a factor in a person’s ability to persevere, it’s not always as simple as having the self-discipline to show up and workout at Fitness Clubs near Parsippany NJ. Here are two tips to help those who may be struggling to workout consistently stick with their exercise programs.

Start Small

One factor that causes many people to fall off the exercise wagon after riding it for a short time is they try to take on more than they can handle. They establish big goals of doing spin class, yoga, and weight training everyday and then get discouraged when they eventually burn out a week or two later.

A good way to avoid this problem is to start with small steps. Instead of jumping into an hour-long step aerobics class seven days a week, try one that’s only 30 minutes long or only go to the class twice per week. Once that becomes a comfortable habit, increase the duration or frequency slowly until the ultimate goal of working out daily is achieved. Building up small wins early can provide the confidence needed to continue through the challenges of consistently exercising.

Mix Things Up

Another reason why people abandon exercise programs is boredom. They do the same workout routines each time they go to the gym and eventually become so disinterested in them they give them up.

Try adding some excitement by choosing two or three exercise routines and rotating through them. For instance, do a dance aerobics class one day and then a spin class another day. In addition to cutting down on boredom, doing different exercises will work out different muscle groups and maximize fitness.

Getting regular exercise can help prevent disease and reduce stress. Though sticking to an exercise program can be challenging, the rewards of doing so are worth the effort. For more tips on staying motivated to work out, connect with a trainer at one of the Fitness Clubs near Parsippany NJ such as the Whippany Athletic Club.