Two Signs of A Frozen Pipe

Winter months are already upon you and behind these follow freezing temperatures and all the property damage that they represent. However, you may easily avoid the worst of it by taking action against the conditions that lead to frozen pipes, property damage, and a great deal of frustration. The experts who help you to unthaw and repair a frozen pipe are happy to explain your options and help you to find the best solution with your budget. That said, it may help to learn the signs of frozen pipes within your home so that you may quickly call on the aid of such professionals before you experience greater costs in the long run.

No Running Water

One of the clearest and most easily noticed signs of a frozen pipe is the lack of running water from one or more faucets in the house, which will interfere with your ability to perform a number of everyday tasks such as showering, washing dishes, and doing laundry. Sudden loss of running water may be caused by a number of issues with your plumbing; thus, you need an expert with experience and the right tools to inspect your system and its many components. These experts will find the source of the freeze and help to thaw it with minimal risk to the pipe or they will repair a pipe if they find that it has already burst.

Frost on the Pipe

Any pipes within your home that you may easily look at, such as the pipes below your sink or that run through your basement, will potentially develop frost if the water within is frozen. This is a good sign to look for after you experience loss of water or water pressure and the temperatures outside are at or below freezing. This frost will serve as an early warning sign of a frozen pipe even before you turn the handle on the faucet and a simple visit to will help you to contact an expert who will know how to handle the problem with minimal cost to you. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.