Two Reasons Why a Wireless IP Security Camera in Bowling Green KY Should be on Your Radar

Whether it’s for residential or business purposes, many security systems include the use of security cameras. Cameras have been around for many years and continue to be an integral part of quality security systems. However, there are many different options when it comes to camera units today, and perhaps one of the most popular trends in security camera technology is the use of a wireless IP security camera in Bowling Green KY.

Improved Resolution

There are many different benefits to using this type of camera, but one of the two benefits that stand out quite significantly is the quality of resolution that a standard wireless IP security camera has as opposed to an analog camera. For example, the definition of the images recorded is much higher than that of an analog system. Since the camera is sending information over a wireless IP network, it is able to transmit more data than can be transmitted by an analog system. This means more detailed images so that if an image has to be zoomed in on, the picture is much more defined than it would be with a standard analog system.

Analyzing Recorded Video

There is also the aspect of capturing a particular image at a particular time on an IP security camera as opposed to an analog camera. If an analog camera recorded overnight for eight hours, and something happened towards the end of that eight hours, with an analog system, it would mean shuffling through hours of video to find the particular image or incident. With an IP camera, parameters can be set, and if a particular incident caught on camera meets with those parameters, the IP camera will automatically flag that section. Somebody viewing the video can simply go to that section and view the incident rather than rifle through hours of video.

These aren’t the only benefits of using a wireless IP security camera in Bowling Green KY, but they are benefits that do tend to stand out. That’s why, if you’re putting together a security system for your home or your business, or perhaps you want to update an older security system with more modern cameras, a wireless IP security camera may be a good choice. To learn more about integrating these cameras into a new or existing security system, you would do well to visit website today.