Two Reasons for the Popularity of Buffalo Wings in Branson MO

Chicken wings used to be considered scrap best suited to use in making soups and stocks. About fifty years ago, though, a resourceful cook in Buffalo, New York started experimenting with ways of turning them into attractions in their own right.

The recipe he eventually settled upon has been copied and modified countless times since. The popularity of buffalo wings in Branson MO can be attributed to a number of significant factors.

An Especially Delicious Appetizer

There are now restaurants and even entire chains that focus specifically on preparing and serving chicken wings. Most of the credit for that can probably be given to the Buffalo-based genius who singlehandedly rehabilitated the reputation of this part of the chicken.

In just about every case where a restaurant serves a number of types of wings, the Buffalo-style kind get ordered more than all the others. Some of the reasons why people so often opt for buffalo wings in Branson MO include their:

  • Crispiness: Chicken wings have a lot more skin relative to the amount of meat they contain than almost any other part of the bird. When properly prepared, that skin crisps up into an especially delectable covering that few can resist. Even after being drenched in sauce, the skin of a well-cooked chicken wing should retain its textural excellence. While wings that sit for too long might start to soften up, fresh ones should always be satisfyingly crispy.
  • Tanginess: The sauce of choice for Buffalo wings is Frank’s Red Hot, a fairly mild concoction that even people who are averse to spicy foods can generally tolerate. Frank’s includes a lot more vinegar than it does chili peppers, and that is part of what makes Buffalo wings so great. The acidic, tangy quality that the hot sauce in question contributes to wings plays off beautifully against the melted butter mixed with it and the chicken itself.

World-Class Buffalo Wings Await

Buffalo wings are simpler than many people realize, but getting them exactly right takes quite a bit of skill. Browse our website and it will be seen, though, that ordering up a hot, perfect plate of Buffalo wings is the easiest thing in the world for anyone who visits Branson.