Two Questions Answered About Roof Repair Due To Tree Damage

Trees that grow close to a house can potentially cause expensive damage to the shingles on a roof. Once the shingles are damaged, they can’t fully protect the house and water can easily leak into the home. Find out the importance of contacting a professional company for Roof Repair due to tree damage by reading the two questions and answers below.

Q.) What are the ways that a tree can cause damage to shingles on a roof?

A.) Most of the time, shingle damage is caused by large tree branches that fall from the tree and hit the roof. When the limb makes contact with the roof, it can smash the shingles or cause them to break. The weakened and broken shingles allow water to seep into the cracks and drip into the attic or through the ceiling. Limbs often fall during high winds or storms and branches that are dead can fall at any time. It’s also not uncommon for branches to fall and puncture the shingles and the roof. This can cause a large hole in the roof, and this damage should be repaired as soon as possible.

Q.) What can homeowners do to keep tree limbs from falling on their roof?

A.) Homeowners should frequently monitor the growth of the trees that are close to the house. When the branches get close to hanging over the roof, the homeowner should trim the hazardous limbs. When homeowners see branches that are dead, they should also make plans to cut off the bad limbs before they fall on the house. Homeowners should periodically look at the shingles on their roof, and it should also be inspected after a storm or high wind gusts. If any shingle damage is noted, homeowners should contact an experienced company that performs Roof Repair and request an inspection and an estimate for the job.

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