Two Important Questions Answered About Commercial Auto Insurance

Business owners who have purchased vehicles for business use should speak with a qualified insurance agent about Commercial Auto Insurance. This type of insurance covers every vehicle that is used within the company. Auto insurance can save a business owner money if there is an accident involving a work vehicle. Read the two important questions and the answers below to learn more information about auto insurance for business use.

Q.) What type of insurance should a business owner carry on the work vehicles?
A.) Since liability insurance is a requirement of the law, every vehicle must carry this type of insurance. Popular commercial insurance plans for auto’s include collision and comprehensive, property damage and uninsured motorist. Business owners may also choose additional vehicle coverage, such as medical payments, physical damage and hired auto. Some business owners who operate a speciality business may want to add a particular type of insurance depending on the types of vehicles that are used for the business. These include on-hook towing insurance, which covers damage to a vehicle that a tow truck driver is towing and cargo insurance. This type of insurance pays for the monetary value of cargo if it’s damaged while being hauled.

Q.) Are there ways that a business owner can save money on commercial auto insurance premiums?
A.) There are various ways that a business owner can lower the cost of auto insurance. When a business owner chooses a policy that has a higher deductible, this automatically lowers the cost of the insurance premiums. If the employees who will be driving the company vehicles have good driving records, this will also save a business owner money. Installing anti-theft devices on the vehicles is another way that a business owner can cut the cost of auto insurance. An experienced insurance agent will offer advice about other ways that a business owner can save money on Commercial Auto Insurance.

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