Two Clear Signs of Hormonal Acne

No matter if you are a teenager or well into your 40s, hormonal acne is a common and often difficult-to-treat problem, especially since many people who suffer from it fail to seek medical help for the problem. There are a number of signs that indicate whether the acne on your face is due to hormones or outside factors such as clogged pores and knowing the truth is the first step to take on the road to clear skin. Whether you are tired of gathering acne scars or simply want to feel more confident showing off your natural skin, there are a number of benefits to seeking treatment from a professional.

No Longer a Teenager

It is highly common for a boy or girl to experience long bouts of acne on his or her face, arms, legs, and back but this is typically left behind once puberty is finished and the teenage years are done. If you are no longer going through this phase of your development, it is likely that the acne plaguing your face is hormonal acne requiring specially-designed treatments to reduce and eventually eliminate. It is during their 20s and early 30s that women in particular suffer from this issue due to pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation, all of which are a direct cause of hormone fluctuations in the body.

Hormonal Acne Location and Signs

One of the subtler signs of hormonal acne is the location of the face on which it develops, including areas such as the chin and jaw line, and these pimples tend to be much more difficult to remove using physical methods. These are nearly always hormonal in nature and may even cause pain and inflammation of the face where the concentration of cysts is denser. The best course of action once you identify these pimples as hormonal is to contact an expert such as Robert Youngs Acupuncture at website. You can also follow them on Instagram for more updates.