Trying Rosemary Citron Sea Salt Scrub In Darien, CT

Salt-based scrubs continue to be in demand at luxury spas. These scrubs exfoliate dead cells from the skin and leave a more youthful appearance. Try a Rosemary Citron Sea Salt Scrub in Darien CT and notice the change.

What Is In The Scrub?

The Rosemary Citron Sea Salt Scrub in Darien CT contains magnesium and mineral-rich sea salt. This scrub improves circulation and improves the texture of the skin. Further, magnesium is often used to relax the muscles and joints.

Many spas add essential oils to the salt scrubs. This scrub adds rosemary and citron to soothe muscles and add moisture to the skin.

What Is The Process?

The treatment takes place in a room that is equipped with a massage table and a shower. The spa usually offers the client a pair of disposable underwear and drapes a towel over the midsection of the body. Next, the therapist rubs the salt scrub on the exposed skin.

Afterward, the client uses the shower to rinse the salt. The therapist advises leaving as much of the essential oil on the skin as possible.

Many Other Treatments Are Popular

Often, detox body wraps are recommended after a scrub. These wraps are made of different ingredients including algae, seaweed, mud, and clay. The idea is to remove impurities from the body to improve circulation and make the client feel better.

The client lays on a massage table and the product is applied. Usually, a layer of plastic goes around the body followed by a blanket. The client is asked to stay in the wrap for about 20 minutes. A soothing shower and lotion application follows.

Those who want to lose weight may prefer a slimming wrap. This treatment involves wrapping the entire body with ace bandages. The bandages have been soaked in a special mineral solution. Indeed, the client looks like a mummy when the wrap is applied.

Clients are measured before and after to tell how many inches were lost. Experts say this treatment is confining and not recommended for those with claustrophobia. Anyone who wants to feel better and exfoliates can benefit from these treatments. Get more information by visiting a spa’s website.