Transmissions: Knowing Your Options when You Need a Repair

by | Mar 24, 2015 | Automotive

If you’ve been told that your vehicle’s transmission is in need of repair or even replacement, it’s important to stop and analyze the situation. While it’s easy to jump on the first thing a mechanic tells you, there are often better ways to go about getting your car, truck or van the repairs it needs. Transmissions can be complicated, and not every auto garage is equipped or experienced in handling them. Because newer models can contain advanced technology and computer systems, you want to take precaution when choosing a repair shop for your job.

Choose a Specialist

Transmission work can get expensive, so be sure that you’re working with not only a garage that specializes in this system, but one that is willing to provide you with a clear and concise estimate. Garages that specialize in transmissions are also often able to provide you with more options, like installing a refurbished system as opposed to a brand new one. This alternative will not only get you back on the road, but it will do so in a fashion that is much easier on your wallet and budget.

Advanced Diagnostics

Garages who don’t specialize in transmissions can easily overlook many of the problems that arise within these systems. Because they are complex, it truly takes a trained professional to analyze the unit as a whole and derive the best maintenance plan from there. Transmission specialists can run advanced diagnostic tests to ensure that nothing is missed, and road tests will be completed before your vehicle is returned to you to confirm that absolutely everything has been repaired and/or installed properly.

Don’t Risk It

Your vehicle is a major investment, and whether it’s for personal or business use – it’s critical that you give it the attention and service it deserves. If you’re in need of transmission work, be sure to consult with a specialist prior to entering into any service agreement. Whether it’s getting you better service, a lower price or more peace of mind – you’ll be glad you took these extra steps when ensuring the safety and reliability of your vehicle.

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