Top Three Things Dentists In Chicago Illinois Want Patients With Dental Phobia To Know

Dental phobia, or an intense fear of the dentist or dental office, is a common thing shared by many people across the state. Unfortunately, it can often prevent people from seeking out dental care that could ultimately improve their lives. Waiting a long time to have your wisdom teeth extracted, for example, can cause years of pain and even health risks. Simply “getting over” a fear like this can be hard but is worth the effort. Learning about the top three things dentists in Chicago, Illinois want patients with dental phobia to know can give you a place to start.

#1: There’s Nothing To Fear

Of course, it sounds cliché, but in this particular instance, it is entirely true. Dental procedures are safer now than they ever have been in history. Clinics and officers have also improved with the times. Many put an emphasis on patient comfort, and have caring individuals as employees. If your fear is still quite intense, there is also sedation dentistry as an option. Not every clinic offers sedation to patients, but many do provide this service.

#2: Tell The Clinic Staff

Being afraid of a dental visit or having a great deal of anxiety surrounding a specific procedure is completely normal. Don’t allow fear or nerves prevent you from speaking up about your anxieties. Even if you think they are baseless or silly, there’s a good chance clinic staff have heard them before and know how to set you at ease. Speak with staff when you book your appointment, and if you are still feeling anxious in the days leading up to that time, give the clinic another call. Friendly staff members are always willing to help you less nervous about taking care of your oral health.

#3: Dentists Just Want To Help

One common sentiment expressed by all dentists across Chicago is that they want to help their patients. For some patients who are fearful about their visit, keeping in mind that their goal and the goal of their dentist are the same (a beautiful, healthy smile) can help make them feel less anxious about their pending appointment.

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