Top Three Houston Lawn Care Mistakes

One of the best ways to show your pride in your home is through a lush, beautiful lawn. Many homeowners pride themselves on the curb appeal of their home, with a gorgeous lawn and garden reflecting the beauty inside the home as well. Unfortunately, even those with the best of intentions can sometimes make a few mistakes when taking care of their lawn. While hiring an expert lawn care company is always the best way to get a beautiful lawn, there are things homeowners will be required to take care of between visits from their company. Whether you opt to do it yourself, or are simply just doing routine maintenance in between visits from your professional company, here are the top three Houston lawn are mistakes to avoid.

Over Watering

Over watering isn’t just bad for your water bill, it’s bad for your lawn as well. Drowning your grass prevents it from being able to access oxygen, which it needs to grow strong and healthy. Depriving grass and other plants oxygen, especially as they are growing, will make them susceptible to disease, and will prevent their lush color from appearing. It’s advisable to water your lawn twice a week, for no more than twenty minutes.

Too Much Fertilizer

It can be tempting to use a ton of fertilizer on your lawn, especially if your grass isn’t growing nearly as fast or growing in as lush as you would like. However, resisting the temptation to over-fertilize will help your lawn grow in much nicer than using too much. Using too much can cause your grass to become discolored, or to grow in yellow or brown; the opposite of your intentions. The best thing to do is to follow the directions on the fertilizer label to the letter, and resist the urge to use any more than recommended.

Raking The Grass Too Soon

Grass clippings are one of the best ways to encourage your grass to grow in a healthy, strong way. By leaving them behind after you’ve finished mowing the lawn, you can use them as a sort of natural fertilizer, helping to return nutrients to the soil, encouraging stronger, healthier growth.

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