Top Reasons Why Smokers In The U.K. Love To Buy Cuban Cigars

The legend of Cuban cigars is far-reaching. All over the globe, even people who do not smoke know that genuine Cuban cigars Tesco are a symbol of status and quality. If you are wondering why so many people love to smoke Cuban cigars, there are many reasons why. Here’s just a few of them.

Perfect Temperature

One of the biggest reasons that Cuban cigars are so fine is that they are grown in the perfect temperature. While tobacco is fairly hardy as far as plants go, when the temperature is not “just right,” the leaves can be tough or brittle which leads to subpar cigars. The right blend of temperature and humidity leads to the best instances of fermented sugars which is what gives each cigar its distinctive flavor and aroma.

Quality Soil

Another contributing factor when it comes to why Cuban cigars taste so good is that the soil they are grown in is of such high quality. The earth in Cuba is a rich mixture of not only dirt, but the remnants of ancient volcanic ash which has been pushed up from the sea. This gives the soil a unique mixture of minerals that seeps into the tobacco plants themselves and gives Cuban cigars Tesco their satisfying and exhilarating aroma and flavor.

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