Top Reasons to Choose Parking Lot Striping in Atlanta, GA

If you own multi-residence or commercial properties that have connecting parking areas, it’s important to have parking lot striping in Atlanta, GA. The property owners need the striping, irrespective of how much parking space is available for the cars, and there are various reasons to do so.

It’s Required by Law

The commercial property owners need to provide accessible parking areas in compliance with the ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act. This act defines laws for parking lots to regulate the space. In particular, it requires 60-inch free access beside the parking space. If a parking lot isn’t in compliance with the ADA, the property owners can be subjected to fines.

Improves Safety

Parking Lot Striping in Atlanta, GA, can keep the residents, customers, or employees safe, as the parking areas will be clearly defined. In addition, it’s best to get the crosswalks and directional arrows to make sure drivers are pulling the vehicles at a safer length, and traffic flow is optimized.

Eliminate the Liability Issues

One out of five vehicle accidents is caused in parking lots. Usually, these accidents are caused by inattentive pedestrians and drivers, but poor parking lot conditions also become a liability. For instance, lack of visible marking and damaged asphalt are the common reasons behind accidents in parking lots. For this reason, it’s important to get the parking lot and pavement striping done, and don’t forget to fill the potholes.

Increased Vehicle Space

A properly marked parking space is the best way of utilizing full space in the parking lot. In case of no striping, the drivers will park carelessly, such as taking up more space by pulling the car at an angle. Once the parking lot is defined and marked, the drivers will know where to park, promising higher space efficiency.