Top Benefits of Holiday Apartments in Paris That Hotels Won’t Give You

Many people want to stay in Paris but find themselves dissatisfied with the high prices of hotels coupled with poor service. Vacation rentals in Paris, France are an increasingly attractive alternative, allowing visitors to rent self-catering apartments for anywhere from a few days to several months for a much cheaper price. These also include many amenities that hotels either don’t offer or charge extra for, such as washing machines or hair dryers. Here are a few other benefits that holiday apartments offer over hotels:

1. Flexible Check In

Making the hotel’s check-in window after going through airport security can be a struggle. You cannot check in too soon and if you are late then your room could be given away. Outside of time to clean and prepare an apartment, services such as can offer flexible check in and check out times to fit around your travel arrangements.

2. Homey Feeling

Travel bloggers prefer holiday apartments as they provide a ‘home away from home’ feeling that hotels don’t offer. The flexibility, freedom, and home like furnishings can feel much more relaxing than a hotel room, which is especially ideal for long stays.

3. Entertainment

Most hotels offer wi-fi and some entertainment such as movies. Unfortunately, they tend to be expensive and the internet connection can be too slow, particularly worrying if you need to do some business. Vacation rentals in Paris, France tend to include high speed wi-fi in the rental price. You are also free to not only watch local television but stream movies or play music as well.

These are just some of the benefits that holiday apartments carry over hotel rooms, not just in Paris but in all European cities. When you are planning your next vacation or business trip, look into the holiday apartments that are available and see how they can make your stay better and more affordable.