Tips on How to Get That Rustic Look for Your Cabin or Log Home

Just mentioning a cabin or log home can conjure up images of rustic wood doors, a cozy fireplace, wood floors, and quilts. If your log cabin or home seems a bit too staunch in décor and you want to soften it up with the more rustic appeal, the following tips can help.

Wood is Warm

One of the big aspects of rustic design is that it has a very inviting, at home in the wood charm. A lot of this comes from the inclusion of a lot of wood in the construction. To create this warm and earthy undertone you should not have to carpet anywhere. If you must have to pad, opt for strategically placed and padded rugs. Walls can have stone sections, but there should still be exposed wood beams or panels. What is really important, though, is the front door, it has to be wood. Interior doors help as well, but to set the mood, a nice and solid wood front door is essential to creating a rustic feel inside the home.

Cloth Comforts and Sets Tone

Using cushions on furniture, curtains, runners and rugs you can choose rustic designs, such as country quilting or red/green plaids to set the right tone of rustic. Plaid is typically a bit more of a masculine pattern in this setting because it tends to conjure the iconic Paul Bunyan image of a burly lumberjack. Quilts, on the other hand, can lend a more feminine or motherly overtone.

The Fireplace is Vital

One of the big points of interest and décor for a rustic design scheme is the fireplace. The hearth is where the home’s heart lives, and while most of the cooking today is done in the kitchen, in rustic design the fireplace needs to feel as inviting. A wide ledge, a dressed down mantle, and plenty of cozy sitting space around the fireplace are key elements to setting it as the central gathering point.

Antique It Up

Nothing brings out the rustic appeal like antiques. Incorporating older pieces of furnishings into your log cabin or home’s décor can help accent the theme. While not everything needs to be an actual antique, the look of well cared for age do just as well. Using copper piping and letting it be tastefully exposed, converting old washtubs into basins, and re-purposing old wood in furnishings are just a few ways you can include antique looks.

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