Tips for Year-Round Lawn Care in Alpharetta

In the northern areas of the country, lawn maintenance is really a seasonal job. It starts when the snow melts in the spring and ends with the first hard freeze in the winter. In Alpharetta and other areas in the south, lawn care is a 12 month a year job, although the intensity of care is certainly lower over the winter months.


Taking care of a lawn in the south is not always easy. It is important to know when to water, how much to water and certainly when to fertilize. Over or underwatering a lawn is going to stress the grass, resulting in poor growth, greater risk of weed infestations in the lawn and even a risk of mold or bugs becoming a problem.

Most lawn care professionals recommend one inch per week of water or natural rain, with watering in the early morning hours the best option to prevent disease issues.


Fertilizing is another area of concern. Applying the incorrect type of fertilizer or fertilizing during the wrong part of the season can damage a lawn. As specific areas, even within Alpharetta may need specific nutrients, it is best to have your soil tested and then use a recommended fertilizer for best results.


In the heat of the summer, allowing the grass to stay longer is the best option. Different grasses will also have ideal mowing heights, which can range between one and three inches. Zoysia, which is a common grass for many newer lawns, as well as hybrid bermudagrass, can be cut as low as 0.5 inches in the cooler seasons.

Working with professional lawn care services will ensure the grass, trees, shrubs and flower beds on the property are correctly maintained. This will not only keep the yard looking great, but it will also extend the life of the landscaping.