Tips for Working with Your Residential Roofer

If you need shingle roofing, St. Louis roofing companies are not all the same. Some do more flat roofing where others specialize with shingle roofing. St. Louis roofing companies can also do both, focusing on residential and commercial roofing systems.

But once you’ve found a roofer that you think you want to work with, you’ll want to do whatever you can to ensure things go smoothly. Here are some tips for working with your St. Louis shingle roofing company that could help keep things smooth for the duration of your project.

Know the Facts about the Roofing Job

Before the job starts you’ll have chosen materials and gotten a quote. You’ll also have information about things like the outside of your home, safety issues, protection of your property, and so forth. Ask your roofer what you can do to make their lives easier. Clear space around the home and staying out of the way are probably two things you’ll be asked for.

Don’t Interrupt, if Possible

Crews of shingle roofing pros and laborers are focused on the task at hand. There’s also going to be debris coming off your roof. If you can’t help but interrupt, do so carefully but wherever possible, talk to the crew foreman before the job starts and wait until the crew is on break to ask questions or provide information. Roofing crews want your job done right and they want to expedite the process for you. They also want you, your belongings, and their team members safe.

Shingle Roofing Reviews

After your roof is complete and you’re happy with the results, don’t be afraid to give a positive review and testimonial to the roofing company. Not only does this reward that company for a job well done but you’ll be sharing information with neighbors and other St. Louis residents who want shingle roofing done right.