Tips for Successful Search Engine Marketing in Jacksonville, FL

by | Jan 3, 2018 | Seo

Search engine results that are used to promote a product offer new possibilities for many companies, thanks to the concerted effort by Google and other search engines. This is from the use of paid advertisements for Jacksonville, FL businesses that will pop up and feature prominently on search engine results.

The Basics

The decision to use search engine marketing allows companies to choose the keywords they wish to target. These are bid on through the different search engines, typically Bing and Google or the other major search engines, and the business that has those keywords will then have a website listing or a picture and pricing, rating and a short description of the product appear at the top of the search engine result page.

There are different types of these pay-per-click or PPC ads. The Jacksonville, FL business only pays for the ad if the person completing the search clicks on the ad through to the site. However, if the ad is not accurate, or if the site doesn’t meet the shopper’s standards—the click doesn’t guarantee a conversion, which can end up costing the business money and provide a low return on investment.

Strategies to Consider

To maximize the potential of search engine marketing and to boost conversion rates on your website from these ads, consider the following:

  • Use solid SEO strategies – knowing the keywords your target audience is searching for will be critical. While PPC ads are not linked to organic search engine results, if the search term isn’t accurate the ads won’t be showing up where they need to.
  • Quality score – to win a bid and have your advertisement shown on the search engine results, it is important to create a quality advertisement. This includes quality text to the ad, effective landing pages on your site as well and ensuring that the ad is relevant to the keyword.

Working with a top company that offers search engine marketing services is the best way to ensure your campaign is effective and offers a high conversion rate for your website.

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